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Storage systems India
  Boltless Systems  
Construction without bolts
Fast and easy assembly
No tools required
Accepts high load capacities
Fast re-adjustment of level spacing
Storage systems IndiaStorage systems India
provide rigidity for system bays and accommodate platforms
Finish: Epoxy-coated
Cross bracing
gives stability to system bays and rows, supplied with 2 tension jacks
Finish: Galvanised
from steel sheet. Platforms are simply placed onto platform clips.
Finish: Galvanised
Platform clips
accommodate platforms
Finish: Galvanised.
Side cladding
available as solid sheet or wire-mesh cladding, spring clip fitting. Solid sheet side cladding consists of several panels, wire-mesh side cladding is supplied as single piece element; mesh width
30 x 30 mm.
Finish: Solid sheet and wire-mesh cladding galvanised
Back cladding
for description and finish refer to side cladding
Dimensions Load capacities Colours
System heights (H):
1,850 mm and 2,200 mm

Platforms (W x D):
900 x 400 mm
900 x 600 mm
1,300 x 400 mm
1,300 x 600 mm
Further dimensions upon request!
Platform load capacity:
up to 200 kg

Bay load capacity:
up to 1,300 kg
All capacities assume
uniformly distributed loads!

Further load capacities upon request!
Epoxy-coated components are available in
Blue Orange

Further colours upon request!
General advantages of Boltless Systems
Fast and easy assembly
Can be integrated into almost any storage environment
Boltless system allows fast re-positioning of system levels if product range changes
Good utilisation of warehouse volume = more storage capacity on less floor space
Direct access to all references
Very good overview due to clear product presentation
Specific advantages of NBSS Boltless Systems
Beams and diagonal bracing make for a sturdy system construction which is suited for heavier duty applications
Platforms can be conveniently re-adjusted on a 25 mm pitch
Extension bays can be added whenever required
  Also ideal for building Multi-tier Storage System installations
Storage systems India

Storage systems India

Storage systems India
Multitier Storage Systems India
Multitier Storage Systems India
Nilkamal BITO Storage Systems Pvt. Ltd (NBSS)
Nilkamal BITO Storage Systems Pvt. Ltd (NBSS)
Nilkamal Ltd
Nilkamal Ltd
BITO - Lagertechnik, Bittmann GmbH
BITO - Lagertechnik, Bittmann GmbH