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  Cantilever Storage Systems  
Ideal for long loads
Also suited for vertical storage optionally available with
Tubular arms
Inclined platform levels
Cantilever Storage SystemsCantilever Storage Systems
Designed for single or double sided use, Cantilever Storage Systems is a classic for long loads. Depending on the choice of components, this versatile system is suited for many applications:

- Arms with dividers/end stop for rigid long loads
- Tubular arms for coils and vertically stored goods
- Straight arms with platform cladding for flexible long loads and bulky goods
- Inclined arms with platform cladding for ergonomic order picking of bins and containers filled with small parts and components
Single Side Use Double Side Use
Cantilever Storage Systems- single side use Cantilever Storage Systems- double side use
  Mobile Cantilever Storage Systems
Cantilever Storage Systems Mobile Cantilever Storage Systems

Nilkamal Ltd
Nilkamal Ltd
BITO - Lagertechnik, Bittmann GmbH
BITO - Lagertechnik, Bittmann GmbH