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  Drive-in Systems  
Storage according to the first in – last out principle
Saves floor space
Optimum volume utilisation
Very economic pallet storage systems
Drive-in SystemsDrive-in Systems
Drive-in Systems allows to store several pallets in depth.
Similar to block storage, this possibility provides an optimum utilisation of floor space and storage volume.
However, loading and retrieval should be subject to a certain storage cycle.

This type of storage is chosen for pressure sensitive goods or unstable storage units which are stored in big quantities.
The range of products stored in drive-in systems is small to medium-sized and has a low picking frequency.

This storage solution is ideal for a small pallet turnover and favours an employment as seasonal store.
Our example is based on a pallet storage systems installation with 6 storage system runs, each providing 12 pallet positions per storage level. There are 4 storage levels in total, including the floor level.

The layout plan alone already shows that the gain in storage surface is considerable.

Apart from the fact that drive-in pallet storage systems requires less floor surface, the upright projection demonstrates a further gain in storage volume.
Conventional Pallet Storage Systems Drive-in Pallet Storage Systems
Conventional Pallet Storage Systems
Conventional Pallet Storage Systems
Drive-in Pallet Storage Systems
Drive-in Pallet Storage Systems
General advantages of Drive-in Systems
Compact storage
No pressure damage
Safe storage of pallets with unstable loads
High volume utilisation due to compact storage
Specific advantages of NBSS Drive-in Systems
Frames are the same as those used for the well established pallet storage systems
Brackets to hold pallet support rails can be adjusted in 50 mm increments
Robust pallet support rails
Hook-in brackets allow easy and fast assembly without bolts (suited for pallets without overhanging loads)
Pallets are safely guided by the sloping sides of the support rails
Diagonal bracing provides for high storage systems rigidity
All parts have a high quality galvanised surface
Drive-in Systems Drive-in Systems Drive-in Systems
Loading and retrieval in drive-in systems is done with a front stacker with a maximum mast width of 950 mm to allow entrance of the service vehicle into the lanes. Pallet without overhanging load – hook-in bracket Pallet with overhanging load – bolt-on bracket
Front view of a storage lane Brackets with pallet support rail
Storage Lane

Storage Lane
Pallet Support

Pallet Support
Nilkamal BITO Storage Systems Pvt. Ltd (NBSS)
Nilkamal BITO Storage Systems Pvt. Ltd (NBSS)
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Nilkamal Ltd
BITO - Lagertechnik, Bittmann GmbH
BITO - Lagertechnik, Bittmann GmbH