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  Mobile Storage Systems  
Space saving compact pallet storage systems
Less warehouse surface occupied
Optimum volume utilisation
Storage according to the first in last out principle
Mobile Storage SystemsMobile Storage Systems
Mobile Storage System is based on the same components as static system, cantilever or pallet storage system. Mounted onto light or heavy duty base units which can be moved in parallel direction to each other, the system only requires one aisle to provide access to all items on stock.

Depending on the system, storage capacity increases between 100 % and 180 % respectively floor space occupation reduces by up to 50 %.

Mobile storage system is therefore ideal for limited space applications and in cases in which the construction of a new warehouse is not possible or is not in-tended. Moreover, the modular design of NBSS mobile storage system installations allows future extension.
If a new warehouse is to be constructed, investment costs are lower as less storage space is required for the same number of stocked items.

Our example compares a static system installation used for file storage with a mobile system installation.
Storage System row dimensions and thus storage capacity are the same.

Installation data:
1 starter bay + 5 extension bays
Total length: 6,098 mm
System depth: 324 / 624 mm
Useable depth: 300 / 2 x 300 mm
System height: 2,200 mm
Aisle width: 750 mm
Storage capacity: app. 6,000 files
(DIN A4)

The floor space gained can be used to increase storage capa-city or it can be employed for a different purpose!
Static Systems Mobile Systems

Mobile Systems
2 Static single rows (single sided use)
6 Static double rows (double sided use)
Space requirement : 9,650 x 6,100 mm

Floor space utilisation : 45 %
2 Static single rows (single sided use)
6 Mobile double rows (double sided use)
Space requirement: 5,300 x 6,100 mm

Floor space gained : 45 %
Floor space utilisation : 85 %
No further utilisation of floor space possible!
General advantages of Mobile Storage Systems
Economic storage
Higher floor surface utilisation
Increased storage capacity
Improved overview of all product lines on stock
Reduction of floor space costs as compared to static storage
Increase of storage capacity of up to 180 % over static solutions
Good utilisation of warehouse volume
Low cost solution
Base units accept different types of storage systems
Up to 50 % less floor space occupied
Direct access to all items
Effortless manual operation with push handles or cranks
Electrical operation for load capacities as of 5,000 kg per base unit (in compliance with the latest accident prevention and insurance regulations)
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Mobile Systems  boltless systems Mobile cantilever storage systems Mobile pallet storage systems
Mobile Storage Systems India Mobile Storage Systems India
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Nilkamal BITO Storage Systems Pvt. Ltd (NBSS)
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BITO - Lagertechnik, Bittmann GmbH