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  Pallet Live Storage Systems  
Frequently used
For order picking
In buffer stores
For despatch route related storage of picked goods
In re-distribution centres
Pallet Live Storage SystemsPallet Live Storage Systems
Service options:
Manual retrieval with hand pallet trucks
Electric lift trucks
Forklift trucks
Order picking trucks
Stacker cranes
Automated servicing is possible
Pallet live storage systems play an increasingly important role in warehousing and storage technology, as users recognise their potential for improving efficiency.

In the past, pallet live storage system was mainly installed as a buffer store in production areas as well as in warehouses and despatch areas. Today, there is a strong tendency towards using the pallet live storage systems for order picking because the FIFO principle is strictly maintained. An equally interesting option is push-back pallet storage system which allows compact storage according to LIFO principle.

Due to the system specific compact lane configuration, floor space utilisation in pallet live storage system installations is 60% higher than in conventional pallet storage systems.

Our example shows two storage solutions for the supply of 36 different reference lines.

Storage in the pallet live storage system installation is definitely more compact and all reference lines are in direct access at the picking face.

Whereas information and picking times are almost the same in both solutions, there is a drastic reduction in travel times. Short travel times improve picking performance - in particular at loading docks where pallets are grouped together according to despatch route.
General advantages of Carton Live Storage Systems
Compact storage maximises use of available warehouse space and reduces the number of aisles
The increase in efficiency over conventional storage system can be up to 60 %
In contrast to bulk storage, live storage system provides direct access to all items stored
Strict adherence to the FIFO principle eases control of sell-by dates, call-off quantities and production batches
Ideal system for fast movers, as there are always sufficient quantities of each item in reserve: no idle times
Increased staff efficiency, as loaders and order pickers do not disturb each other
Separate loading and picking aisles allow use of specific service vehicles
Shorter in-house travel routes, as the goods move automatically to the order picking side
Specific advantages of NBSS Pallet Live Storage Systems
The load carrying structure is based on the well established Pallet storage system
Bolted beam connectors allow to adjust flow levels at any required height and incline
Specifically designed and effective safety accessories and special components
In accordance with customer needs, lanes can be equipped with roller tracks or roller conveyors
Roller conveyor lanes Despatch-route related pallet live storage system at a loading dock Order picking tunnel
Roller conveyor lanes pallet live storage system Order picking tunnel
Illustration of the pallet live storage system installation shown here: - 2 buffer levels with inverse incline ground level with picking tunnel
pallet live storage system installation  pallet live storage system installationpallet live storage system installation
Nilkamal BITO Storage Systems Pvt. Ltd (NBSS)
Nilkamal BITO Storage Systems Pvt. Ltd (NBSS)
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Nilkamal Ltd.
BITO - Lagertechnik, Bittmann GmbH
BITO - Lagertechnik, Bittmann GmbH