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Frequently applied in buffer and order picking stores

Service options:
Manual order picking at the floor level height
With hand pallet trucks, electric lift trucks, reach trucks, man-operated and fully automated stacker cranes
All forklift truck types available on the market
Automated servicing
Pallet Storage Systems IndiaPallet Storage Systems India
consisting of uprights, base plates, horizontal and diagonal struts. Beams are simply hooked into the slot pattern of the uprights which allows to position storage system levels on a 50 mm pitch.
Uprights are epoxy-coated, struts and base plates are galvanised.
Upon request: Frames can be supplied completely epoxy-coated.
Just contact us!
for use in single and double sided storage system rows. Length: 100 up to 300 mm. Depending on the storage system height, 1 or 2 brackets are required.
Finish: Galvanised
Back Stop
protects aisles/trafficways and work areas located behind single sided storage system installations from falling containers or pallets.
The back stop also prevents pallets from being pushed too far back into the storage system, thus helping to maintain the safety distance between pallets in double sided storage system.
Frame extension
increases frame height at the short sides of a storage system row to prevent items from falling from the top level. Later-on adjustment possible.
U-type sections epoxy-coated, struts galvanised
are hooked into the slot pattern of the upright front. Safety pins which are secured against loss with a 90 twist prevent that the beams are lifted unintentionally.
Section length: 49 mm
Column guard
Particularly robust, L-shaped component for 2-side protection of uprights in corner areas and trafficways.
Height: 400 mmbr
Finish: Epoxy-coated in orange, RAL 1003 with black/yellow signal striping
Complete storage system level
consisting of 2 beams with drop-over steel panels.
Drop-over steel panels
These 300 mm wide, galvanised steel panels are simply placed side by side onto a pair of beams. The lipped short sides of the panels sit flush on the beams and do not add to the level height.
Finish: Galvanised
Load spreader
spreads load pressure exerted by the frames onto a larger area of a low quality floor.
Finish: Powder Coated
for compensating floor unevenness. Material thickness 1.5 or 4 mm.
Finish: Galvanised
Dimensions Load capacities Colours
Storage System heights (H):
3,150 mm
4,150 mm
5,150 mm
6,150 mm

Bay Widths (W):
1,900 mm
2,300 mm
2,700 mm
3,300 mm
3,600 mm

Storage System depths (D):
800 mm
900 mm
1,000 mm
1,100 mm

Further dimensions upon request!
Load capacity per level:
up to 3,980 kg

Bay load capacity:
up to 9.6 tonnes
All capacities assume
uniformly distributed loads!

Further load capacities upon request!
Epoxy-coated components are available in

Blue Orange

Further colours upon request!
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Nilkamal BITO Storage Systems Pvt. Ltd (NBSS)
Nilkamal BITO Storage Systems Pvt. Ltd (NBSS)
Nilkamal Ltd
Nilkamal Ltd
BITO - Lagertechnik, Bittmann GmbH
BITO - Lagertechnik, Bittmann GmbH