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Choose the configuration and the system that suits you best!
Broad / narrow aisle installation
Highbay / multi-tier installation
Mobile pallet storage systems
Automated pallet storage systems
One or two pallet deep storage
Long or short side pallet handling
Extractable pallet positions
Broad aisle installation

  • Buffer store
  • Low to medium turnover frequency
  • Low cost pallet positions

    The standard solution for pallet storage systems is a configuration with broad aisles. Servicing is generally done with front stackers, reach trucks or man-up stacker cranes. The floor level can be conveniently serviced with a hand pallet truck or an electric lift truck.

    Your advantages:
    - Low cost storage
    - Easy servicing with front stackers
    - Manual order picking at floor level height
  • Broad aisle installation
    Narrow aisle installation

  • Highbay construction with narrow aisles and order picking trucks
  • Individual unit loads can be picked from all levels

    Narrow aisle installations allow a very good floor space utilisation. Man-operated stacker cranes or order picking trucks lift the operator into the ideal picking position on all levels to allow manual picking. Guide rails or inductive steering ensures that service vehicles always keep the ideal distance to the installation.
  • narrow aisle installation
    Your advantages:
    - Very good utilisation of available floor surface and headroom
    - Ideal for huge quantities with a medium to high picking frequency
    - No relocation of picking stock required
    - Safe working environment, as there are no persons in the aisles
    Multi-tier Storage system Installation

    In multi-tier storage systems installations, items can be picked simultaneously by several order pickers working on several tiers. This means that a higher number of orders can be picked. The NBSS pallet storage systems can ideally be combined with other storage systems, such as live storage, to the benefit of warehouse workflow.
    Multi-tier Storage system Installation
    Your advantages:
    - Fast order processing due to simultaneous order picking
    - Good utilisation of available headroom
    - Random storage ensures that all storage locations are addressed as often as possible
    - Immediate replenishment from the buffer on top of the picking pallet
    - Suited for pallet long and short side handling
    General advantages of Pallet Storage Systems
    Multiplication of storage surface by multi-tier or highbay storage systems
    Lower investment costs into real estate and buildings as compared to storage at floor level height
    Suited for a high stock rotation frequency
    Direct access to all bays (reference lines) = easy and convenient order picking
    Fast adaptation to changing reference lines without the need of exchanging your service fleet
    Specific advantages of NBSS Pallet Storage Systems
    Bolted frames = lower repair costs in case of damage
    All other components are assembled without bolts
    High corrosion resistance through galvanised or epoxy-coated components
    Long and short side pallet handling as well as multi- and single position storage
    Level decking can be ordered in many variations; levels are adjustable on a 50 mm pitch
    Particularly hardwearing components for a long service life
    Broad range of accessories and safety equipment
    All storage systems components comply with the latest safety regulations in Germany
    Pallet Storage Systems Pallet Storage Systems Pallet Storage Systems
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